Center for Academic Ethics

About Us


The Center for Academic Ethics is an interdisciplinary initiative devoted to advancing ethics in the academy. The vision is for individuals from many fields to join together to promote integrity and ethical decision-making and behavior through research, education, and professional development. One special emphasis will be on ethical practices in scholarship and research.  Another will be on building and maintaining a culture of academic and professional integrity across all areas of science, social work, humanities, education, and business.


Center Goals

  1. Advance scientific research on professional and research ethics
  2. Promote integrity in college classrooms, in scholarship, and across the academy
  3. Educate students to engage in ethical professional practice across disciplines


Center Objectives

  • Enhance professional, academic, and research ethics education and training for graduate and undergraduate students.
  • Facilitate professional development opportunities and resources for faculty in research ethics, and in promoting integrity in the classroom.
  • Identify and promote opportunities for conducting and funding applied ethics research.
  • Develop networks that will offer research mentoring and collaborative opportunities for faculty and professional staff.
  • Disseminate effective strategies and research findings across institutions and in the field.
  • Promote ethical organizational and business practices, particularly within academic institutions.

Current Activities

Education and Training
  • Collaborate with CETL to offer workshop(s) or other faculty resource events
  • Collaborate with Business Ethics Chair to host public lectures on professional ethics
  • Provide student research ethics training and workshops
  • Biennial ethics conference in collaboration with Cedar Valley partners
Policy and Special Programs
  • Work with faculty senate and EPC to assess and update research misconduct policy
  • Review ethics training requirement(s) for all students
  • Plan new policy or program initiatives that will promote a culture of integrity across the institution
  • Identify and support external grant submissions for ongoing ethics research projects
  • Individual seed grant/fellow opportunities to attract new ethics researchers
  • Supervise honors and graduate student thesis opportunities
  • Develop research network and share information about applied ethics research across campus and across Iowa
Overarching Activities
  • Communications across campus – Center awareness and engagement
  • Communication with other institutions and organizations
  • Maintain website and social media with resources on academic, professional, and research ethics
Future Goals
  • Offer student group and internship opportunities
  • Develop student awareness and media competition
  • Convene inter-institutional meeting for sharing research and best practice on academic ethics
  • Ethics minor course on scientific and research integrity
  • Host a mentoring/support group for developing publication/presentations
  • Develop student team to compete in a regional or national ethics bowl, which may include hosting a local ethics bowl competition