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Center for Academic Ethics

Research and Scientific Ethics


Office of Research Integrity – ORI is the key federal agency that oversees the Responsible Conduct of Research – has a comprehensive compilation of articles, tutorials, and instructional resources related to Research Ethics.

Ethics CORE - This is a national resource center and collaborative space for ethics and responsible conduct of research materials and experts, maintained by the University of Illinois National Ethics Center.

American Association for the Advancement of Science – AAAS has a wide variety of resources on scientific integrity, including listings for web/media resources, conferences, blogs, and government links and documents.

Open Seminar in Research Ethics - This is a collection of free course and curriculum materials on research ethics from a variety of academic institutions. Courses are open to students of the listed institutions, teachers and all guests. Visitors can choose to actually take the course, or simply view all of the accessible modules, sub-modules and assignments. Modules cover topics ranging from Mentoring, to Whistleblowing, to the Ethical Principles of Research.

Retraction Watch - an interesting blog with regular news about publication ethics and retractions from the literature

RCR for Engineering:  An Introduction to Ethics and Engineering Research - new (2015) book from the CITI program

       "The Lab"  - The Office of Research Integrity recently released a new interactive video useful for faculty, staff, and students that depicts possible research misconduct in a science lab and allows viewers to take on one of the character roles and actually make decisions along the way that direct the video action in one direction or another.  The acting in the video is fairly good, and it is a nice resource for training and coursework in the sciences and possibly other fields as well.  OSP has a copy of the DVD that we can loan to faculty, or you can use the link above to watch it online or order your own copy.  The video is accompanied by a Facilitator's Guide to support group discussion.      

       Register your research on the Open Science Framework - new initiative to enhance transparency and reproducibility in research, developed by the Center for Open Science